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Pathogenesis of Fever & its Management with MEFTAL

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All about fever

Fever is an acute condition, and needs proper care and suitable treatment. Moderate to high fever can make you uncomfortable and can be a sign of an underlying serious illness or disease.


Red Flags in Fever

Prostration unable to stand, sit, or walk without help.

Temperature Hyperpyrexia (>106.7°F) or hypothermia (temperature<96.8°F) or rigors

Respiration Shortness of breath, respiratory rate >22 breaths/ minute, cyanosis, arterial oxygen saturation <92% on room air

Circulation Blood pressure <100 mm Hg systolic, cold, clammy extremities, capillary refill>3 seconds.


What is the most common cause of fever in children?

Viruses cause most fevers in children. A much smaller number are due to bacterial infections, such as...

What about the fevers caused by vaccination?

A fever with immunization is a sign indicating that the body is responding to the vaccine. Doctor may ...

Should a blanket be used in case of fever?

Dress in lightweight clothes. Shivers may be a sign that your fever is rising. Do not put extra blankets or ...